aboutus1Art Residence Prague -Dvůr umění Praha is a creative art center & gallery llocated in historical courtyard. We are situated under the Bishop`s Tower on the Royal Road, the center of the Prague Municipal Historical Conservation area – under the Prague Castle a few steps from Charles Bridge and John Lenon`s Wall.


You are welcome to discover & relax in Art Residence Prague with:

ART CAFÉ …we love the art of coffee¨

GALLERY …space for art presentations

ART STUDIO … empire for my creativity and seattle of kiwintuiti

KIWIBEACH …creative space with crushed marble for your coffee time, workshops and meditation…future kiwintuiti TV studio

WOOD WORKING WORKSHOP …Why not make your own spoon before you order your Espresso ?!

EMBRACING GARDEN …with the best artwork in our portfolio / Title: SKY, Technique: ah, who knows, Author: Universe or? Message from artist: “belongs to all and nobody”

BOŘEK ŠÍPEK GLASS … shop with more than you expect

sometimes I would like to make a phone call to history to…  so many questions during years in this magical place I have….


My name is Katerina Adamkova and Kiwi. I have founded this artistic place in 2010 after 10 years working in studios with artists, studying art, glass production and all about Spirit of creativity.

I always work with my visions, intuition and wishes to be sensitive to Genius Loci of the place. This is very short introduction how I get with many decisions to current form of more multifunctional space – space more useful for live creativity and meeting people.

All presented artworks are my personal selection and result of many years of cooperation mostly with Czech glass artists, sculptors and painters.

I have spent 2 years with architect, designer and glass artist prof. Borek Sipek and his team in glass factory. Thanks to this experiences I offer special service also to other designers and architects who are interested in own collections production. I provide consulting, organization of individual visits in glass factory and communication with glass masters, production control and shipping service.

For more information please visit: http://http//artresidenceprague.com/glass-factory

Finally Little touch of Bishop`s Court history


During the Romanesque period, at the end of the 12th century, the powerful bishop, Prince Jindřich Břetislav had a vast court built as a bishop‘s seat on the left bank of the Vltava river.

His successors, bishops and archbishops, e.g. Jan of Dražice (which the name of the Dražické Square is derived) had the court extended and rebuilt.

The fire in 1249, started by the rebels against the King Wenceslas I. caused, according to the chronicler Kosmas, an extensive renovation of the seat.

In 1419 the court was plundered and burnt down. This was the fall of the court and its walls were used for the construction of houses of Prague bourgeoisie.

The appearance of the house, today called according to its historical origin „The Bishop’s House”, emanates from 1843, when the reconstruction of the 16th century semblance was finished after six years of work.