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I have had intensive and inspiring years of cooperation with a very creative architect and designer prof. Borek Sipek. He was the architect of Prague Castle under the presidency of Václav Havel, and the designer of Havel’s Place. Unfortunately he passed away last year but he left us a legacy of the most fine production and his artistic spirit in his art work.

At present my cooperation in the field of blown glass production continues with his sons, glass master and their glass factory in Novy Bor, Czech Republic.

Thanks to this experience I offer services for Czech and mostly foreign designers and architects with their own glass collection and production. Quality in Czech crystal glass and crafts, our glass masters are world class.

Our service includes an introduction to our glass factory, individual visits to glass factories, translation, communication and coordination of production with glass masters and final control. We also organize additional production of bronze or brass components /lost wax or ceramic molded, gold layers etc. Especially this coordination of more factories and their production schedules needs to be managed ideally from the Czech Republic.

We guarantee to find always the best quality and best prices for our clients.

Finally we manage also a long term production of fine collections, including packaging and transport to your clients all around the world.

We are just working on new collection for a Dutch designer that will be presented in Paris in September 2017. More about this reference coming soon.

We offer the same service also with molds and and he artistic spirit in his art work.e productions..his reference coming soon.and architect in –wn glass collection productiomelted glass.

For more information feel free to contact me:

Katerina Adamkova

CEO / Šipek Team – Bohemian Glass

+420 77713315


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